Why leave all the fun at the office? This Valentine’s Day give the gift of AI 😃 It is everywhere as Corporate IT Spend Shifts 40% to AI.

According to IDC, the shift in IT spending toward AI will be fast and dramatic, impacting nearly every industry and application. By 2025, Global Top 2000 organisations will allocate over 40% of their core IT spend to AI-related initiatives, leading to a double-digit increase in the rate of product and process innovations.

More here: https://lnkd.in/gBYdBx3Z

This is a slide from an upcoming presentation I am doing at a conference of CFOs. For those that are interested the prompt was “Cartoon image. Smooth salesman sells AI to a happy customer.” To be honest this image was not quite what I was expecting – but I thought it was fun. Took me 2 minutes – amazing.

Why leave all the fun at the office. AI makes the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.