The Automotive Industry is getting into NFTs & Web3 in a big way. Attention In-house lawyers at auto companies, you may be interested in our “Web3 for In-house Legal Teams Package”. [Actually, the Package is perfect for any in-house lawyer wanting to know about NFTs etc.]

Auto companies have been some of the quickest to embrace NFT & Metaverse technologies. Here are 14 examples:
·       Aston Martin Launches First-Ever NFT on Infinite Drive Racing Platform –
·       Audi launches novel fractional NFT –
·       Bentley Announces The Release Of A Limited Genesis NFT Created By Bentley Designers –
·       BMW Sees its Future in the Metaverse –
·       Can’t Own A Ferrari, Don’t Worry You May Be Able To Buy Their NFT Instead –
·       Fiat opens world’s first Metaverse-powered dealership in Italy –
·       Ford prepares to enter the Metaverse with virtual automobiles and NFTs –
·       Hyundai Wants to Take Mobility Into the Metaverse –
·       Lamborghini-backed GT racing team to authenticate car parts using NFTs –
·       Like Its Cars, Rolls-Royce Enigmatic NFT Is Stealth Luxury –
·       Nissan Canada Auctions Off a 1 of 1 GT-R NFT with a $280k Reserve –
·       Porsche Steers into NFT Bandwagon –
·       Škoda enters the Metaverse with launch of Škodaverse –
·       Volkswagen steps into the Metaverse with an NFT treasure hunt –

We are finding many of our in-house counsel clients are being asked to provide legal advice on NFTs, Web3 & Metaverse projects but do not have much knowledge about this space as it is so new. We have experience in advising on such projects around the world & have productised our advice to make it inexpensive for everyone to have access to the relevant information.

Our Web3 Package for In-house Legal Teams inc:

1.     Guidebook: A 50+ page “Global Guide to Web3, NFTs & the Metaverse for In-house Legal Teams”. The Guide inc:
·       An easy-to-understand description of the relevant technologies
·       Key commercial & legal issues that need to be considered in any such project
·       Helpful checklists and template documents
·       Country-specific info so it does not matter which country you are in, the Guide will help


2.     Workshop: A 1 hour workshop with one of our expert Web3 lawyers to assist you to understand Web3 & the legal issues

The Web3 Package is relevant for all industries not just auto & is very economically priced

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