Incredible start to the day with the first virtual workshop for the 2024 cohort of The Breakthrough Lawyer Program for Bond University.

Amazing group – from in-house & private practice – covering the whole lawyer career span with some General Counsels, a lot of senior in-house lawyers, some law firm partners, as well as some more junior practitioners. We even have a lawyer joining from a firm in Canada.

Over the course of the next few weeks the group will be taught by more than 40 guest instructors – all global leaders in business and law. They will get the view:

– from the client side from biz owners such as Mike Cannon-Brookes (Atlassian Co-founder) and Anthony Eisen (Afterpay Co-founder)

– from successful lawyers inc the Global General Counsels of companies such as Apple, PayPal, Oracle, AON, Medtronic, Zurich Insurance, Time Warner, Verizon and even the US SEC.

A popular session is given by the writer/director of Dodgeball, We’re the Millers & Red Notice on how lawyers can get better at pitching ideas.

Today we covered why the legal profession has been so resilient to date and how the future looks incredibly promissing. How can I say that when Goldman Sachs says 45% of what lawyers do can be done by AI? Aren’t we all going to lose our jobs!

No way. Not if we have the right skills

In 2008 legal influencer Richard Susskind published a book “The End of Lawyers?”, where he suggests lawyers will lose jobs to tech. In fact the opposite has occurred:

– In 2008 there were 900,000 lawyers in the USA, today there are 1.3M
– US Bureau of Labor Stats says the employment rate for lawyers has been above average for the last 20 years & will continue like that until 2030
– American Bar Association says 85% of US law graduates from the 2022 year found legal jobs

We are resilient because:
1. We are like relationship counsellors. Our role is about, ultimately, bringing people to some form of arrangment. It is very human

2. We are trusted. No one goes to their doc for legal advice

3. Law is complicated. I co-founded LawPath 10 years ago thinking we could commoditise law. Over 400,000 customers later – I know it is hard to commoditise law.

The class covered GenAI, inc the best use cases right now to get an instant productivity boost. I am a big believer in GenAI. The research says it will improve our productivity by 30%. However, as the name implies, GenAI will be a great copilot but no one is handing GenAI the keys to the plane any time in the near future.

The Breakthrough Lawyer is an online, short course designed to help lawyers become better legal leaders and innovators at their organisations. Every participant comes away with a low-cost/hi-impact legal innovation project to roll out back at their organisation.

Described by Nat Rowe from the 2023 cohort: “it’s like a hi-impact mini-MBA, tailored for lawyers.”

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