I appear to be the wildcard entry on the Thomson Reuters SYNERGY 2024 panel on AI, Ethics and Lawyers with some of the leading minds in AI. I will be that panel member nodding knowingly while internally trying desperately to understand what it is that has just been said.

I do love the Lawyers & AI topic. Generative AI has been proven to improve productivity of knowledge workers by 30%+. GenAI will significantly boost lawyers productivity.

However, I think many lawyers are quietly hoping that there will be ethical reasons which stop them from using AI. I have some bad news. Lawyers NOT using AI could be unethical. Who would have thought?

The American Bar Association issued an AI Report which stated that a “lawyer’s failure to use AI could implicate ABA Model Rule 1.5, which requires lawyer’s fees to be reasonable. Failing to use AI technology that materially reduces the costs of providing legal services arguably could result in a lawyer charging an unreasonable fee to a client.”

So lawyers may be forced by ethical obligations to use AI – not just in the US but everywhere. Lawyers will have to step up to use the tech. In the same way lawyers need to operate mostly online now (and can no longer get away with charging 30 cents a sheet for printing documents – what a remarkable proposition that was).

I am looking forward to spending time with Fanny Potkin Carter Cousineau, Fang Chen, Distinguished Professor and Stela SOLAR … and taking out the award for the most enthusiastically perplexed panelist.

If there is any interest, I am teaching a practical online short course via Bond University on how lawyers can boost productivity immediately using Generative AI https://lnkd.in/g8fgg46c. Message me for more information. Happy to chat.

Thanks Thompson Reuters