Meta made an important announcement today which may well change marketing forever and so I thought I would show you this image. It is Justin Bieber’s NFT collection (tracked by DappRadar because we can see his unique Bored Ape #3001 – side note he paid $1.2M for that Ape last year and it is now worth $200K (that’s a mill vaporised – ouch). The NFT wallet is also likely to be a key part of the future of marketing.

Very soon many (likely younger) people’s NFT wallet may act as a form of “social passport”. Its contents and curation will be as important to them as what they post on their Instagram account. This is why more than 200 of the world’s biggest brands have minted NFTs – its not the revenue from selling them, its the ability to connect with consumers on a new platform.

A brand can “airdrop” (send directly) an NFT to the wallet of holders of other NFTs. For example, the cosmetics brand, Clinique, just airdroped branded-NFTs to 1,968 holders of NFTs from the “Non-Fungible People” collection. You can see the marketing opportunities – you can send whatever you want to whoever you want. Interesting question as to whether the existing privacy, spam & direct marketing laws apply – maybe but maybe not – “it depends” (said like a true lawyer 😀)

This may be similar to the early days of direct marketing – especially given an announcement by Meta today.

Up till now it has been hard for Marketers to figure out whose wallet is whose because while it is public it is just a jumble of letters/numbers but TODAY Meta announced that users can now connect their Metamask and Coinbase crypto/NFT wallets with their Facebook & Instagram accounts

The Battle for the NFT Wallet has begun

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