I have been advised that I am now a Linkedin “Big Mouth in Technology”. They call it “Top Voice in Technology” but I think the subtext is clear

I am grateful to LI for this. I do not have a great familiarity with winning things. In fact at school when I was going to the annual Awards Night one of my teachers made the joke that the only way I was going to win something was if they had a Lucky Door Prize. Which I thought it was pretty funny at the time – teachers were a bit more direct in those days 😃

Many thanks to the kind folk who read/like/comment on my posts. I always try to take a balanced view on what is happening in tech, Web3, etc. I know that sometimes upsets people. I had one comment where I was told I was not being pro-crypto enough & I said I was just reporting the facts. The response was – “we have enough journalists, what I want is opinions”. I thought that was quite funny

My top 5 tech tips for 2023 are:

1. People’s NFT wallets will become public-facing & as curated & important to some demographics as their Instagram
2. Big companies using NFTs (aka “digital collectibles”) will be huge. If Nike can make US$185M selling virtual sneakers then there must be a business model there for others
3. Big advances in VR/AR hardware (inc Apple) – no one looks good in current VR headsets
4. Crypto will struggle w. mainstream adoption but asset-backed Stablecoins will take off
5. AI will stay niche despite the meme-tastic ChatGPT

I thought I would repost my best performing post, a video “The NFT Price is Right”. I was in Covid lockdown & made a video explaining NFTs. The video is in the form of a gameshow where I play the gameshow host (see photo) & 7 other characters.
If you want to understand the importance of NFT (digital asset) tech pls check out the video https://lnkd.in/gGUc27VA

If you want to hear how mainstream companies are successfully using Web3 tech (blockchain, NFT, metaverse & crypto) pls have a listen to my podcast “Web3 goes Mainstream”. Guests have included JP Morgan, ANZ Bank, Microsoft, KPMG, Binance, Sandbox & Penfolds. Senator Bragg will be up next week. Link: https://lnkd.in/g648J5HT

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Thanks Marty McCarthy & Team LinkedIn