Well that was a bit overwhelming. The Australian Crypto Convention proved you don’t have to go to Miami to have a massive crypto conference. 4000+ attendees and it was everyone from from investment bankers, entrepreneurs and crypto-millionaires to grandmothers, teenagers, artists, degens and botoxed influencers. What a collection!

My topic today was on how Web3 is going Mainstream. Plenty of great stories to tell about large corporates embracing Web3 tech like crypto, NFT and the Metaverse. Fun audience 😀

I have been banging on to big corporates about blockchain for a few years – to be told that “blockchain is a solution looking for a problem”. Fair enough. It is amazing though that NFTs have actually proved to be the entry point for blockchain into the enterprise. More than 200 of the world’s biggest companies have minted their own NFTs – mostly for marketing/loyalty reasons but the use-cases for the tech is expanding rapidly into ticketing, provenance, identity & more.

For more info on Web3 please check out my podcast “Web3 goes Mainstream” where we focus on how mainstream companies are successfully using crypto, NFT & Metaverse tech. Guests have included JP Morgan, ANZ Bank, Microsoft & Penfolds. Link here: https://lnkd.in/g648J5HT

Thanks David Haslop , Matthew Ede and the whole convention team