Great article from on how becoming a general counsel might seem daunting given the high expectations of many companies, but certain qualities can set first-time GC candidates apart. Here are the key takeaways from the article:

* Broaden Business Acumen: Directors often prioritize business, communication, and creative problem-solving skills in GC candidates.

* Embrace Opportunities: the GCs interviewed emphasised the importance of taking on “stretch assignments” to gain wider exposure and trust within the company.

* Underrated Traits: Less tangible qualities like gravitas or a “wow” factor can be difference-makers in the selection process. Gravitas doesn’t necessarily mean having a commanding presence, but more the ability to draw others in and build trust.

* Go Beyond Resume: It’s often what’s not listed on a resume, like soft skills, that clinches the position.

* Value of Networking: Increasing visibility, both internally and externally, can be pivotal, sometimes even prioritizing in-person interactions over virtual ones.

* Be Adventurous: Aspiring GCs should be willing to take risks, whether that’s in seeking challenging assignments, continuous learning, or exploring new career avenues.