Had a chat to the folks at Tribe Global Ventures for their “Founder Focus Podcast”. The seemed interested in my “odd” CV – To me it seems perfectly straight-forward 😃 Japanese TV comedian, Hollywood studio exec, successful-then-failed Dot-com COO, legaltech entrepreneur and lawyer.

I know it is popular these days to say “follow your bliss”. I think that is hard as most people (including me) have no idea what their “bliss” is. I just took opportunities as they came up and tried to learn from them.

You can then bring all of your experiences together in your current role – which makes for your unique personal value proposition. This is part of what we are teaching in the Breakthrough Lawyer Online Program at Bond University. I am joined by over 35 global leaders in law and business to help lawyers become better legal leaders & innovators at their organisations.

Based on our research, it seems most successful (and contented) lawyers didn’t see being a lawyer as “following their bliss” but through a combination of mindset and mastery, they have created a satisfying and rewarding career – that helps people.

If you are a lawyer who would Iike to re-energise their career in 2024 please have a look at the Program. The feedback from the 2023 cohort has been exceptional.

Link to Program is here: https://lnkd.in/g8fgg46c

Thanks to Aaron Birkby Don McKenzie and the Tribe Global Ventures Team for the opportunity to tell some tales.