“Could you ever fall in love with a robot?” I asked during my speech and a lady piped up “No, but I married one” 😃

I am speaking a lot these days about the normalisation of non-sentient assistants or AI CoPilots. We will be developing some form of relationship with these supporters in the very near term. As humans we have a tendency to anthropomorphise things close to us (eg. thinking of our dogs as “fur children”) – the same with machines. Using a couple of quick videos, in 90 seconds yesterday, I had an audience of 350 cheering for the machines to beat up a human – how is that even possible – that’s not a storyline in any Hollywood movie. We are in for interesting times.

Speaking in NZ yesterday, I did emphasise:

AI won’t take your job
Someone using AI will take your job

The machines cannot do everything we can do. There is still a critical element of humanity required in almost every job. We need to focus on the distinctly human elements of what we do & use AI to augment us. That way we can level-up the value we provide our customers/stakeholders.

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