Speaking to 150 tech gurus at the CRN Australia Pipeline 2022 conference. My aim was to convince the audience that Web3 and Digital Assets are a real opportunity for their tech businesses. There are huge opportunities in Web3 for tech players who want to do the infrastructure, the data management and the security for companies embracing NFTs, DeFi, Tokenised Assets and even the Metaverse.

Big corporates are looking for enterprise-grade solutions for Web3. It is just like back in 1998 when web design was a cottage industry – then big players took over.

My message was simple – you need to have a go yourself as you cannot help customers with Web3 unless you understand it. Looks like I was successful as I just got a note from a chap who has minted his first NFT and has it listed on OpenSea. Not sure he is headed for Bored Ape-type money for the NFT but great to have a crack.

This weekend buy a bit of crypto, buy a cheap NFT, set up a wallet, have a browse through a Metaverse land… You never know what you might find. [This is not investment advice. Don’t be punting your self managed super fund into this stuff :)]

CRN Pipeline was a fantastic conference – well done all.

Thanks to the #crnpipeline Team, especially Andrew BirminghamArek WidawskiRob KohlerVelvet-Belle TemplemanJoel BrownDarren McNallyJoshua LundbergWilliam MaherRy CrozierAthina MallisHayley GilesLauren RileyJulia Guk