Great to speak to the Aust Financial Review along with lawyers who have completed The Breakthrough Lawyer: GenAI Productivity Training for Lawyers course:

Rebecca Holbrook, General Counsel, Fisher & Paykel
Martin English, General Counsel, Essential Energy
Melissa Bice, Head of Legal, Essential Energy
[The photographs are from the article]

Links to the article and the GenAI for Lawyers course are below. Note the course is discounted to AU$360 until 30 June and is available to all lawyers, in-house and private practice, anywhere in the world.

Some excerpts from the article are below:

“Legal eagles inside some of Australia’s best-known companies are training themselves to stay competitive in the AI era.”

“Lawyers working for some of Australia’s best-known companies say the rapid rise of generative artificial intelligence is already changing how they work, that it will not put them out of a job, and that they are taking personal training to stay competitive in the AI era.”

“Nick Abrahams runs an online education program for lawyers in his role as an adjunct professor at Bond University. He says he has seen unprecedented demand since a course on generative AI was added. The Generative AI course is one of three in Bond University’s online Breakthrough Lawyer Program. The other two courses relate to business innovation and career advancement, and feature appearances from the likes of Mike Cannon-Brookes, David Gonski, David Thodey and Afterpay co-founder Anthony Eisen.”

“Fisher & Paykel General Counsel Rebecca Holbrook has undertaken personal online training with Bond University to try to ensure she understands how to use AI across her own team, and so she can also advise her colleagues about what they can do.
“It’s one of the key topics that in-house counsel will need to be across. We had the privacy GDPR wave, and now we’ve got the AI wave,” Holbrook says.”

“Another bit of advice I picked up from taking the course was to just get out there and start trialling options that are in the market, and so we are looking at CoCounsel and Spellbook,” Holbrook says.”

“The legal team at Essential Energy, including general counsel and company secretary Martin English, and head of legal Melissa Bice, are also keen to make sure they are learning about the latest developments in AI. English says the pressure is on from the CEO to all the company’s executive team to ensure they are not left behind by AI, and are actively seeking ways to get ahead.”

“Essential Energy’s head of legal Melissa Bice says AI is clearly a game-changer for lawyers. Bice says most of the AI software is still in trial stages across her team, with efficiencies already apparent through AI document drafting and research “groundwork”, before the human lawyers do the “critical thinking”.

Thanks Paul Smith and The Australian Financial Review for your interest in this topic.

Here is the link to the GenAI Productivity Training for Lawyers course. Note the course is discounted to AU$360 until 30 June