Launching the Bond University Breakthrough Lawyer Program at the Queensland Law Society’s 150th anniversary symposium yesterday.

One of my key messages was that all lawyers should ask their clients how they are using ChatGPT. I spent a bit of time yesterday talking about how my clients are using it (often instead of lawyers) – incredible – and the thing has only been out since November – sheeesh! ChatGPT produces amazing results which I can only equate to being like magic and it usually only takes about 10 seconds. I am being a bit gushy I know – but try it and see if you don’t agree.

Some of the uses by my clients inc:

– FIRST PASS: ChatGPT doing a first pass of simple legal agreements like Confidentiality Agreements. My client says the AI is at least as good if not better than the law firm he currently uses for that style of agreement review (thankfully not me – but it will only be a matter of time before the AI comes after what I do)

– POLICIES: ChatGPT drafting policies. This client is an expert in the subject matter of the policy he wanted (a complex area). He said ChatGPT got the policy 90% right and it took him + the AI less than an hour to do a complex 12 page policy document that would have taken him 15+ hrs

– SUBMISSIONS: ChatGPT drafting a submission to govt in response to a public enquiry. I know from personal experience these submissions take ages to get right. Client got a submission from the AI that he says was 80% of what he ended up submitting but the best part was that the tone was perfect – calm, logical & compelling. Far better than what he could have done as he recognised he can be “a bit blunt & forthright” (that part is certainly true – but founders/CEOs are rarely shrinking violets 😃)

– PROPOSALS: Drafting sales proposals is a huge time-sink & you are never sure it will be worth it – as there is no certainty the customer will buy. Client uses ChatGPT to draft sales proposals & tailor the company’s offering to what the customer is looking for. He says the results are staggering & better than he could do alone as the AI covers every detail whereas he would have been “lazy” & only covered the key points

So lawyers ask how your clients are using ChatGPT – you may be surprised by the results. I do not think ChatGPT is the end of lawyers or anything like that. My experience with legaltech via my day job & my side-business (LawPath) tells me that clients are always going to need judgement – AI can’t do that – at least not right now. I do think within the next year or so, it will be very common for lawyers to be working with an “AI Co-pilot” like Chat-GPT.

For more info on the online course I am running at Bond University, please see the website for “The Breakthrough Lawyer: 4 Steps to becoming a successful lawyer & leader” We will even cover how to work with AI Co-pilots.

Thanks to Chloé KopilovićRolf Moses , Sandra Pepper, Rachael Sinclair & the whole Queensland Law Society Team