Just struggled thru the romcom “Anyone But You,” and guess what? The smart person with career-dissatisfaction is – a lawyer (well, law student)! Because, of course, who else? Hollywood, you’re killing us with originality here.

Why does the media paint all lawyers as if our briefcases are filled with nothing but misery and contracts? As UCLA Law Professor Michael Asimow puts it, in film, lawyers are shown as “miserable, bigoted, materialistic… greedy, heartless, predatory, unethical…” Ouch!!

I’ve somehow beaten the odds and actually enjoy being a lawyer. Shocking, I know!

In recent years I have become a bit consumed by how to help those lawyers who are not super-happy with their lot. I have been researching (as an adjunct professor at Bond University) this bizarre phenomenon: lawyers who are… wait for it… happy and high-performing! There’s actually a lot.

I’ve packed all this forbidden knowledge into a short, online lawyer coaching program called “The Breakthrough Lawyer”, available via Bond. It features insights from over 40 leaders in law and business, discussing the keys to legal excellence and personal fulfillment.

Our expert panel includes Global General Counsels from Apple, Oracle, PayPal, Verizon, Mars Wrigley, Zurich Insurance, and business leaders like Mike Cannon-Brookes, David Gonski, and David Thodey.

Apparently the secret is you need a plan. Many lawyers do not have a plan – and that’s where this course comes in.

The Program helps you to be a legal leader and innovator at your organisation. Whether you’re in-house or in private practice, at any career stage, The Breakthrough Lawyer can help. We even have a laugh along the way. One participant described it as:

“A high-impact, mini-MBA, tailor-made for lawyers.”

This may be for you or a lawyer in your team. To find out more about the Program or to download a complimentary white paper on how AI can save you from reading through another 1000-page contract., click here: https://lnkd.in/g8fgg46c

“Where’s the humor section in the law library?” – said no one, ever. Until now!