Legal Generative-AI is not a real thing – YET!

There is a lot of hype around how G-AI apps like ChatGPT can boost lawyers productivity. There is some truth to the hype but you need to be careful. In association with Bond University, I have written this free whitepaper to help navigate the AI & Law world. The paper includes:

– the most impressive & popular ways in-house and private practice lawyers are using ChatGPT right now

– the vendors who have embedded G-AI into their legaltech offerings now

– the risks for lawyers when using G-AI

– how to integrate G-AI into your legal team/law firm processes

We are in phase one of Legal G-AI where most of the functionality sits outside our corporate firewalls restricting the potential uses because of the confidentiality issues. Very soon Legal G-AI will come inside the firewall with vendors like Microsoft soon to release AI CoPilots. That is when Legal G-AI becomes a real thing.

Please download the free “Transforming Legal Services with AI Whitepaper” here:

If you are interested in how to grow as a legal leader and innovator in an AI-driven world, please have a look at The Breakthrough Lawyer Short Course I am teaching at Bond University. More info here