Thanks QLS for the visual post-it resume. A great innovation – I can see it catching on! Looking forward to delivering the keynote address at this year’s Queensland Law Society Symposium. I will be talking about “the future of law and lawyers” and will be launching the results of a research project I have been doing with one of Australia’s major universities.

I have grown tired of “legal futurists” who are not lawyers (or not practising lawyers) telling us that our jobs are in jeopardy as a result of AI or other changes. I believe the future holds tremendous opportunities for lawyers – and a great chance to move up the value chain in terms of the support that we offer to our clients. My research confirms this.

As the the visual post-it resume shows I have spent some time in the legal innovation space, inc:

– 7 of the last 20 years in global tech & innovation leadership roles at a major law firm (in addition to my day job as a Tech M&A and privacy


– co-founder of LawPath, an online legal service that in the last 8 years has provided legal support to over 300,000 customers (mostly small businesses)

The post-it about me being a former professional comedian is not relevant to the future of law but it will be helpful to make this keynote presentation fun (as well as insightful). Hope you can join us.

Thanks Rolf Moses , Sandra Pepper , Miranda Unwin , Louise Corrigan , Kaitlyn Meehan for the opportunity.