My passion project, five years in the making, is now out of the garage – Today we release The Breakthrough Lawyer Online Course.

Are you a motivated lawyer or a leader committed to fostering your team’s development?

The Breakthrough Lawyer Program at Bond University is a unique opportunity to grow as a legal leader and innovator in your organisation – whether you are in-house or in private practice.

This comprehensive online program with tailored coaching sessions includes:

• Mastering the 10 Habits of Successful Lawyers, to build a solid foundation for professional success
• Learning practical methodologies to innovatively transform the delivery of legal services, adding value to your organisation
• Getting hands-on with essential legal tech tools such as ChatGPT, preparing you for the AI-driven legal landscape
• Carving out a distinctive legal brand for yourself, positioning you as a recognised expert in your chosen field

Upon completion of the course, you will have an actionable, low-cost but hi-impact, legal innovation project ready to implement in your organisation.

This six-week virtual program, limited to a cohort of 30, integrates interactive online workshops with flexible self-paced modules. It is taught by me based on my experience as a leader, lawyer and legaltech entrepreneur. I am joined by a panel of 19 global experts, including global general counsels, law firm leaders and tech experts. For a sprinkle of Hollywood inspiration, Rawson Thurber, the writer/director behind hits such as Dodgeball and We’re the Millers, will instruct on how to effectively pitch innovative ideas.

Don’t miss this chance to level up your legal practice or equip your team for future challenges. It is $975 (inc GST). Click here for more information on The Breakthrough Lawyer course.

If you’re curious about how AI can help address the ever-present ‘do more with less’ challenge in the legal field, then, as a thank you for reading this far, you are welcome to download my complimentary “Transforming Legal Services with AI” Whitepaper here.

Thanks to the generosity of the members of the expert panel who gave their time to this project, including: David Thodey, David Gonski, Lisa Mather, Deena Shiff, John Meacock, James Couche, Mike Pell, Edward Hartman, Wei Chen, Chris Freeland AM, Ross Dawson, Bill Reid, Katja Roth Pellanda, Matt Fawcett, Dan M. Berkovitz, Elliot Leibu and Michael J Cannon-Brookes.

Also thanks to the amazing team at Bond University, including Nick James, Hannah Pilkington, Kristy Crockett, Tim Burton EMBA and Jane Hobler.

It takes a village to make a short course :)