Part 2 of 19 of the “Web3 goes Mainstream” Series: Government is getting into NFTs, the Metaverse & Web3 in a big way. Below are 20 examples of Web3 projects from governments. This is Part 2 of a 19 part series of posts setting out examples of mainstream organisations rolling out NFT, Metaverse & Web3 projects.

The “Web3 goes Mainstream” Series covers the following industries: (Part 1) Automotive, (2) Government, (3) Accounting & Professional Services, (4) Beverages, (5) Education, (6) Energy, (7) Electronics, (8) Entertainment, (9) Finance, (10) Food, (11) Fashion, (12) Healthcare, (13) Insurance, (14) Real estate, (15) Technology, (16) Retail, (17) Sports, (18) Ticketing, and (19) Travel/ airlines.

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· How the Metaverse Will Redefine Politics –
· What Will China’s Metaverse Look Like? –

· China’s Debut in the Metaverse: Trends to Watch –
· Dubai Is Preparing to go to the Metaverse –

· World Govt Summit 2022: Dubai likely to enter Metaverse –

· Indian Gov is in Metaverse Now –
· NSW Gov to factor in inclusivity as Service NSW ponders Metaverse twin –

· NSW Gov has commissioned Metaverse research –

· Queensland’s digital chief hopes for the Metaverse –
· Seoul Recreates Itself In Metaverse –

· Seoul’s Local Gov Builds A Metaverse –

· MSIT to announce pan-government strategy on Metaverse –

· If you have a drivers license, you have an NFT –

· Britain announces plans to mint its own NFT as it looks to ‘lead the way’ in crypto –
· The UK Government Accepts NFTs With Open Arms –
· NFTs offer means for governments to find solutions –

· NFTs move to influence Congress, even if lawmakers have no clue what they are –

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