I just read a book which elevates the humble checklist to superstar status & I am a convert. I have not been this surprised by something since I watched the World Excel Spreadsheeting Championships on ESPN (it’s true – such an event exists and is on ESPN)

A friend of mine whose judgment I trust said “The Checklist Manifesto” is the greatest business book they have ever read. I thought that is high praise and so a 2024 resolution was to read it. And it’s great!!

If there is a lawyer out there who has a great story about how using checklists has improved their practice, I would love to speak to you as part of my research for The Breakthrough Lawyer Program: https://lnkd.in/g8fgg46c

The writer, Atul Gawande is a remarkable person. A world-renowned surgeon and multiple-time best selling business-book author.

Here’s a brief summary of his key points:

• Error Prevention: Checklists aid in avoiding simple mistakes in complex environments.

• Consistency and Efficiency: They ensure task consistency and boost efficiency.

• Teamwork Enhancement: Checklists foster better team communication and collaboration.

• Handling Complexity: Crucial for managing complex processes, especially in critical fields.

• Adaptability: Demonstrates checklist adaptability across various fields and scenarios.

Now on to the rest of my checklist for 2024.