A poll of senior legal professionals in the U.K. undertaken by Law.com asked how a legal career had negatively impacted their lives. The general takeaway seems to be that the law is a tough but rewarding career – provided you have a strategy for how to handle it.

80% of survey respondents said that their careers had a negative impact on their familial relationships, with less time spent with their children, parents or siblings. The same proportion said time spent on hobbies or leisure activities had been negatively impacted.

Nearly 20% said their careers had left them with less time to date, or had caused marital problems including divorce, and the same amount said their careers had adversely impacted their physical health.
Not great stats but despite all that, just 6% said they often wished they had undertaken a different career path, while 18% said they sometimes wished they had done so. About 75% of respondents either never or rarely wished they had undertaken a different career path.